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Specializing in office and surgical services – We offer up-to-date, patient-centric care for all gynecological issues and women’s health concerns at each stage of life.  With services ranging from birth control to menopause and beyond, we make it our mission to care for each patient with personalized attention.

Dr. Leone takes pride in keeping herself and her staff educated on the most recent medical and non-medical interventions available, enabling a broader range of options for her patients.  In addition to standard Western medical care, Dr. Leone has expanded her medical knowledge to incorporate naturopathic and holistic therapies.


Nutraceutical Support therapies

We offer Clinical-Grade Nutraceutical therapies for wellness, stress reduction, menopausal symptoms, PMS, and adrenal fatigue. Nutraceuticals are clinical-grade supplements derived from certain foods that deliver various health benefits. They can be used to help balance internal systems and increase overall health, fitness levels, and endurance. Schedule an appointment today for more information on these techniques and to learn about their quick and efficient benefits.  


Aesthetic Services

Laser Hair Removal

Women’s Health Associates of Cape Cod utilizes the Medical Grade, FDA approved, GentleLASE® System. Vastly superior to salon lasers, this clinical laser is a long-pulse, high energy alexandrite laser that emits a gentle beam of light which passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. It selectively helps to protect the skin while effectively treating the unwanted hair.

  Starting at*
"Unibrow" $25
Upper Lip $100
Chin Area $150
Under Chin/Neck  $150
Face (sides) $150
Underarm (pair) $200
Bikini** $200 - $500
Half Arm (pair) $250
Full Arm (pair) $500
Bottom Leg (pair) $500
Full Leg (pair) $875
Upper Back $150
Full Back $750
Chest or breast area $100
Fingers or Toes (set) $30